Links 8/31/13

Links for you. Science:

The Imperial Cocktail: How the gin and tonic became the British Empire’s secret weapon.
The Inside Story Of The World’s Biggest ‘Battery’ And The Future Of Renewable Energy
It’s an Odd Job
Public health in action: Did the cronut burger do it?
Is this the most bizarre paper ever published in a peer reviewed journal?


O Little Town of Washington (very good)
How an Insular Beltway Elite Makes Wars of Choice More Likely: The pressure on President Obama to intervene in Syria is hyped — and the pressure to stay out of the conflict is unjustly ignored.
Federal Reserve Employees Afraid To Speak Put Financial System At Risk
We’re All Suspects Now
Enemy of the Virtual People
Why Steve Ballmer Failed
Bill de Blasio’s Pre-K Plan is No Gimmick
Red Fuji Sunset
A city of bridges: One century ago, Scientific American predicted a future of elevated sidewalks
The Astonishing Decline of Homelessness in America … and why this quiet trend is about to reverse itself
To The Dudebro Who Thinks He’s Insulting Me by Calling Me a Feminist

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