Links 8/21/13

Links for you. Science:

Gorgeous Glimpses of Calamity
We’ve covered the world in pesticides. Is that a problem?
James Garfield Was the Only U.S. President to Prove a Math Theorem
Switzerland Creates Secure Test Site for GM Crops
Illumina Launches New Reagent Kits for the MiSeq® System: Latest Milestone Doubles Sequencing Output to 15Gb, Enables Applications Including Exome Sequencing


To Make America Great Again, We Need to Leave the Country
Tennessee Republican tells frightened girl her father must be deported – Tea Party crowd cheers
The Cory Booker Problem
Give Me Your Papers, Citizen
Dan Kervick: Krugman’s Flawed Model of Open Market Operations
Confusion, fear greet school system
Shipping Continued After Computer Inspection System Failed at Meat Plants
New front-runner in NYC mayor’s race: Liberal Brooklyn Democrat ahead in bid for mayor
Not All Industrial Food Is Evil
Getting to Full Employment: It Actually Is Not That Complicated
Krugman to Farmer: “Show Me Your Trailer, or I Won’t Watch Your Movie”
John le Carré: ‘I was a secret even to myself’: After a decade in the intelligence service, John le Carré’s political disgust and personal confusion ‘exploded’ in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. Fifty years later he asks how much has changed
Head Start eliminated services to 57,000 children in U.S. as a result of sequester
An Airport Store, Compared to the Founding of a Mutual Fund

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