Links 8/11/13

Links for you. Science:

Evidence on the impact of sustained use of polynomial regression on causal inference (a claim that coal heating is reducing lifespan by 5 years for half a billion people)
De-Extinctions and Straw Men
Camels May Transmit New Middle Eastern Virus
Critic of Pseudoscience = Defender of Industry?
Researchers React to Controversial H7N9 Research Proposal


The Failure Of Identity Politics– And It’s Not Just Wall Street Shill Cory Booker (excellent; must-read)
The Sacrosanct Mortgage Interest Deduction
Bezos? Who Cares?
Kathleen Hanna: Love Among the Ruin
Mike Ross Releases Public Safety Plan (I don’t support Ross, but it’s not like you’re going to hear about this in the Globe)
Contra Yglesias, newspapers have lost readers to the Web
New State Math Exam Harder, But Not Due To Rigor
Hooray for the Small-Town Cop Who Refused to Call a Child-on-Child Shooting “Accidental” (now if this would only be applied to many car accidents)
Phony Fear Factor (though I don’t understand why Krugman initially thought Kaliecki was over the top)
Are New York City “Feminist” Organizations Sock-Puppeting for Wall Street in Attacking Spitzer?
Myths About Illicit Drugs Perpetuate Destructive Policy
Why ALEC Fabricated Public School Failures (and Why We’re Not Surprised)
Yes, Wall Street Is Overpaid

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