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Hippie Chic

Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts has opened its Hippie Chic exhibit. Bona-fide hippies will probably not like it (think of the more recent equivalent of high-fashion pseudo-grunge), but the clothes are pretty interesting. First, some shoes (wanted to put this … Continue reading

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Hookup Culture and the Continuing Decline of Western Civililzation Due to Dysfunctional Suburban Culture

I’ve been busy doing science so I’m a little late to this NY Times story about ‘hookup culture‘–apparently, college students are slutty sluts slutting around, and they’re not happy about it. In a stellar display of top-notch journalism, the story … Continue reading

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Links 7/27/13

Links for you. Science: MRSA: Farming up trouble. Microbiologists are trying to work out whether use of antibiotics on farms is fuelling the human epidemic of drug-resistant bacteria. (excellent) Too many reviewers Beginner’s guide to comparative bacterial genome analysis using … Continue reading

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Gonads on Marlborough Street

Didn’t say they were human gonads:

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This Really Doesn’t Sound Like Teaching: The Petraeus Seminar

I’ve stayed away from the Petraeus CUNY scandal, since I haven’t had much to add. Just more of the same: the connected milk their connections for all they’re worth. For those who haven’t followed this, former general and CIA director … Continue reading

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Links 7/26/13

Links for you. Science: Antibiotic resistance: The last resort. Health officials are watching in horror as bacteria become resistant to powerful carbapenem antibiotics — one of the last drugs on the shelf. (must-read) How Adding Iodine To Salt Resulted In … Continue reading

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A Case of Media Self-Censorship

Barry Eisler was asked to write about an essay about George Orwell’s 1984. The editor didn’t like this paragraph: Most of all, we have the language—the “newspeak”—Orwell predicted. No, there’s no Ministry of Truth, but such an institution would anyway … Continue reading

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When Secrecy Classification Is Used to Stigmatize

In an incredible display of idiocy, the Department of Homeland Security has ordered its employees to avoid reading news stories that feature the leaked NSA information: Per the National Cybersecurity Communications Integration Center: There is a recent article on the … Continue reading

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Links 7/25/13

Links for you. Science: Genomics: Art of the hypothetical Allergies in the Time of Research Keep a research journal: it is important The most precious jewelry in the world A Disastrous Setback Other: What does it mean to be ‘privileged’? … Continue reading

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When the ‘Problem’ Becomes the Solution

Michael Powell, in the New York Times, observes that much of the reduction in crime should be credited to residents: “Miracle” is an appropriate word for the fact that nearly 1,800 fewer New Yorkers might be murdered this year than … Continue reading

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