Links 7/27/13

Links for you. Science:

MRSA: Farming up trouble. Microbiologists are trying to work out whether use of antibiotics on farms is fuelling the human epidemic of drug-resistant bacteria. (excellent)
Too many reviewers
Beginner’s guide to comparative bacterial genome analysis using next-generation sequence data
High-Tech, High-Risk Forensics
Top Contenders Blast Pentagon’s New DNA Prize
Elle Magazine Hops Aboard the GMO Fright Train


Back in the G.D.R.
Why Larry Summers Should Not Be Permitted to Run Anything More Important than a Dog Pound
Detroit’s Bankruptcy and America’s Future: Robots, Race, Globalization and the 1%
This 99-Year-Old Minimum Wage Custodian and His Employers Show Why Everyone Hates Economics (I made a similar point here)
Just grate: Emergency workers rescue stuck raccoon
Major cities often the safest places in the US, Penn Medicine study finds
Deception in Counting the Unemployed: One of the ways the Obama administration, as well as many administrations before it, cheat American workers is an institutionalized duplicity about worker employment figures.
What gets done is what gets done: How long working hours don’t help you in the long term
Proprietary credit score model now embedded in law
Fort Tells of Spain’s Early Ambitions
The One Simple Graphic that Sums Up the Whole Problem with the Trayvon Martin Case
We Pardon Spitzer, But Still Judge Former Sex Workers (Like Me)
Come See Detroit, America’s Future

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