Links 7/16/13

Links for you. Science:

Zit face: Why do some people get pimples, some not?
Decapitated Worms Regrow Heads with Memories Still Inside
Breeding Bacteria on Factory Farms
2 Competitors Sued by Genetics Company for Patent Infringement
Mysterious Manatee and Dolphin Deaths in Florida Confound Scientists


No, iPads do not make teachers obsolete!
The eternal two cultures reprised
Coming to Do Good, Staying to Do Well: D.C. is filled with young, dizzying ambition. This Town wishes the old-timers knew better.
Federal Government Now Endorses Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations (this is why NCLB should be repealed)
Do Big Bucks for High Profile Guest Profs Petray Public Education?
Defecation Nation: Pig Waste Likely to Rise in U.S. from Business Deal
To Rescue Local Economies, Cities Seize Underwater Mortgages Through Eminent Domain
Egypt’s Fake Mass ‘Rebellion’? (it was a coup)
Chicago Cabbies Fight for a Fairer Fare: If cab drivers in Chicago win their lawsuit to become employees of the city, their jobs will become a lot less terrible.
Many Pleas for Quiet, but City Still Thunders
Beyond the Courtroom
U.S. spying on Americans: Unpopular, and unlikely to end
Walmart Living Wage Dispute In D.C. Undermines Company’s Murky Pay Claims
Radley Balko: “Once a town gets a SWAT team you want to use it” America’s police are beginning to look like an army, and the author says there’s very little we can do about it
George Zimmerman and the problem with American heroism

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