Links 7/1/13

Links for you. Science:

Tail Pulling
After polio scare, kids in Israel’s south may get extra inoculation
Whole Genome or Exome Sequencing: An Individual Insight
The Myth of the Komodo Dragon’s Dirty Mouth (I wrote about this here)
Armchair genetics from Jamestown to Scott Brown (the other confusion is between the genetics of race versus the genetics of populations; the latter can be studied)


I get what you get in ten years, in two days (excellent)
Yesterday in Cambridge, MA: DOMA and Carl Sciortino
America Is Raising A Generation Of Kids Who Can’t Think Or Write Clearly
The spread of link rot (something I’ve discussed here)
Obama Retreats on Snowden: Even the World’s Most Powerful Media and Intelligence Apparatus Can’t Always Control Public Opinion
Boston neighborhoods as seen by the people
How to (not) sound elitist when discussing transit
On Wendy Davis, the Supreme Court, and Speaking Out As Women
Is Senator Mark Udall a radical nut too?
12 Very Real Voter-Suppression Tactics Experts Now Worry Will Come Back
Probe of Contractor Vetting Snowden Sees Falsified Data
I Watched Homeopathy Fanatics Protest in London
Missouri Senator Blasts Rape Culture, Warns Against ‘Placing Blame In All The Wrong Places’ (McCaskill is often woefully ignorant about many things, but lecturing a female former sex-crimes prosecutor about rape is probably a bad idea)
Exposing the Dark Forces Behind the Snowden Smears: Who is planting anti-Snowden attacks with Buzzfeed, and why is the website playing along?

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2 Responses to Links 7/1/13

  1. Min says:

    Not to worry about link rot. The NSA saves everything.

  2. somedude says:

    As to the voting rights stuff, I’m surprised that automatic voter registration isn’t on the agenda:
    advocates it.

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