How Congress Screwed Up the Voting Rights Act Renewal

Regarding the recent Supreme Court decision that, in essence, allows states to pass laws that will make it difficult for minorities, the poor, the elderly, and students to vote (and who just happen to vote Democratic. Coincidence no doubt), a long-time reader pointed out to me that, if Congress had been smart (stop laughing…), they would have handled the renewal of the Voting Rights Act differently.

Rather than keeping the requirements for pre-clearance (essentially judical review of new voting regulations) unchanged–which gave conservatives the ability to argue that the affected states were electing African-American officials, thereby eliminating the need for pre-clearance–Congress should have made voting changes anywhere subject to review. Given the chicanery that happened in Pennsylvania in 2012, this would have been appropriate.

Once again, Democrats failed to play the long game, and lost big. Stupidest political party in recorded history™.

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  1. Physicalist says:

    So, is there any chance of passing a constitutional amendment that gives us all the right to vote?

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