Links 6/16/13

Links for you. Science:

A statistical problem with “nothing to hide” (great combo of politics and stats)
Unpaid internships are a systemic labor exploitation scam- yes, in science labs too.
A Sperm Bank for Better Bees: One way to combat colony collapse disorder? Genetically diversify the bee population.
New phylum of bacteria found lurking in hospital sink’s drain
New Body Part! Layer in Human Eye Discovered


Tell Me What Is Being Done In My Name (excellent–we elect representatives, not wise princes)
David Brooks: The Last Stalinist
Maybe America Doesn’t Like the NSA Phone Surveillance Program After All (be careful of how polls are worded)
The ultimate judge and jury of journalistic responsibility: We, the readers
Diamonds Are A Sham And It’s Time We Stop Getting Engaged With Them
Fortress Unionism (important history)
Forget the ‘wealth effect’: real wages drive U.S. consumer spending
Obama Nominates America’s Biggest Walmart Cheerleader as His Chief Economic Adviser: Jason Furman thinks Walmart is a “progressive success story.”
Open Letter to Representative Trent Franks: What Caring About Women and Babies Really Looks Like (movement conservatives really only care about fetuses)
Frank Luntz hired by Washington football team to convince people name isn’t horribly racist
Gomez desperately trying to capture Democratic votes
An Early Online Privacy Expert Revisits His 1985 Predictions Today
Here’s What Happened When 8,000 Pairs Of Equally Qualified Whites And Minorities Went House Hunting
New Study Finds Patients Regularly Mugged in the Dark (this wouldn’t happen with single payer or Medicare as an option for all)

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2 Responses to Links 6/16/13

  1. Frank Carpenter says:

    Can’t help but notice how militaristic Gomez’s signs are. Black and gold with wings.
    I can say that Markey’s visability in Clinton is near zero, low in Stow, Fitchburg, Leominster. So is Gomez’s. Low interest I think, and bad for Markey.

    There are a lot of really pissed off low information people out here (shit, everyone is pissed off period), and they tend to blame incumbants. Markey better pull his head out of his ass and hit the streets.

    As for the debate?, so what. Offhand, this 59 year old can’t name a single friend/acquaintance who watches MSM TV period, never mind saw the debate. I’ll go further and say outside of a handful of politically engaged friends, I don’t know anyone who knows who the hell Markey is.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    New phylum of bacteria found lurking in hospital sink’s drain
    … and it can’t make a flagella to move itself around

    Don’t get your science from sources which do not understand that flagella is plural.

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