Links 6/9/13

Links for you. Science:

Japan’s radiation disaster toll: none dead, none sick
Reports of Frog’s Extinction Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
WHO expert team, including Canadian, in Saudi investigating MERS outbreak
How I traded field biology for a desk job
First Video of an Oarfish in the Wild
CHORUS: hoping for re-enclosure


Boston’s vanished New York Streets
How Many Girls Did You Rape When You Were Young And At The Mercy Of Your Raging Hormones, Senator Chambliss?
The Lessons of the Megalomaniac University President
Amazingly Retro Infomercial on the DC Metro From the 1970’s: ‘Metro Here and Now’
Markey And Gomez Square Off
Middle-class parents in the Boston Public Schools
Section 215 Order Reveals Secrecy Only Serves to Prevent Court Challenge (“…if this program is no big deal, as the Administration and some members of Congress are already claiming in damage control, then why has the Administration been making thin non-denial denials about it for years? If it is so uncontroversial, why is it secret?”)
Dan Kervick: Do Banks Create Money from Thin Air?
The Disturbing Inequities of the New Normal
No Real Surprise
States want drug tests for welfare recipients. That’s a terrible idea.
A New, Progressive Tax That Even Republicans Like
Those Who Can Teach, Teach; Therefore, Rich People Who Couldn’t Be Bothered to Get Work as Teachers Should Be in Charge of Teaching. Because That Makes Sense! (funny)

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