Links 6/1/13

Links for you. Science:

Girl Computers
Flesh Eating Sponges?
Insect Carl Sagan and science communication
Big Cats Playing in Boxes Reminds Us That Cats Are the Fucking Coolest
Bill Would Shift NOAA Resources from Climate Research


Belief Is the Least Part of Faith
Imprisoned CIA Torture Whistleblower John Kiriakou Pens “Letter from Loretto”
Ethics 101: The difference between ethics and morals
El Salvador Denies A Woman’s Right To Life (in Judaism, the religious law, regardless of denomination, is absolutely clear that in this type of situation the woman’s life and health take precedence over the fetus. This is an idolatrous abomination)
Let me tell you a thing, about an amazing man named Patrick Stewart
World’s Oldest Torah Believed Found In Bologna University Library, Scroll Overlooked For Years
Reality Bites
Labor union decline, not computerization, main cause of rising corporate profits
Boston fire chief threatens to sue command staff if they continue “defamatory” attacks
From the Mouths of Babes
I Met the Woman Trying to Cure Malaria with Sugar and Water
Technocrats and big data
It would be easier to rebut stupid conspiracy theories if the government stopped doing conspiratorial shit
Some Cracks in the Cult of Technocrats (or, ‘economics is too important to be left to the economists’)

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3 Responses to Links 6/1/13

  1. Cathy W says:

    There’s an update on Beatriz’s story: the Inter-American Court of Human Rights has ordered El Salvador to provide her whatever care necessary to save her life. Someone realized that, since she’s now at 25-26 weeks gestation, the fetus is theoretically viable, so it sounds like the plan is to figleaf the abortion by inducing labor and performing a Caesarian delivery. So she gets major surgery after her health is already compromised instead of a D&C when they discovered the fetal abnormality or a dose of misoprostol when the test came back positive and her doctor said “the stress of pregnancy could kill you”, but at least she gets a chance.

    (According to Digby, the same thing was done for a woman in Costa Rica whose fetus had died in utero at 29 weeks but not been expelled. Positively sadistic under those circumstances.)

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Ethics 101: The difference between ethics and morals

    I understand the point that how you treat people you don’t know is important, but his notion of what constitutes the definitions of morality and ethics is pure baloney.

  3. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Vinegar cancer test saves lives, India study finds

    This study tried a test that costs very little and can be done by local people with just two weeks of training and no fancy lab equipment. They swab the cervix with diluted vinegar, which can make abnormal cells briefly change colour.

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