Lies, Damn Lies, and Nashville’s Charter Schools

Previously, we’ve discussed how Boston‘s, New York City‘s and the Bay Area‘s charter schools have cheated on their test scores: right before the end of the year tests, problem students are expelled and sent to regular public schools, which results in these kids being counted as ‘regular’ public school students and not charter school ones. Getting rid of poorly-performing students does two things: it makes charter schools look better and public schools look worse. Then charter school advocates can claim they do better than public schools.

Except for the gaming of the system.

In fact, in Boston, when these massive transfers were taken into account (more about that in a bit), charters did no better than public schools despite the charter school’s increased resources. Well, let no one say that the Great State of Tennessee isn’t willing to jump in the bullshit (boldface mine):

Students are leaving in large numbers at a particularly important time of the school year, and the consequences may have an impact on test scores….

However, Kipp Academy is also one of the leaders in another stat that is not something to crow about.

When it comes to the net loss of students this year, charter schools are the top eight losers of students.

In fact, the only schools that have net losses of 10 to 33 percent are charter schools.

…MNPS feels it’s unacceptable as well, because not only are they getting kids from charter schools, but they are also getting troubled kids and then getting them right before testing time.

“That’s also a frustration for the zoned-school principals. They are getting clearly challenging kids back in their schools just prior to accountability testing,” said MNPS Chief Operating Officer Fred Carr.

Nineteen of the last 20 children to leave Kipp Academy had multiple out-of-school suspensions. Eleven of the 19 are classified as special needs, and all of them took their TCAPs at Metro zoned schools, so their scores won’t count against Kipp [charter schools]…

MNPS said it constantly sees charters being held up as the model, but feels these numbers prove the two different types of schools play by different rules.

But charter schools always play by different rules, because, like all faith-based zealots who believe unequivocally in the righteousness of their cause evidence be damned, the ends justify the means. Little lies in service of the Great Truth.

Hell of a lesson for the kids though.

Related: Tennessee has two sets of scores from their evaluation tests, one for students and parents and one for teachers. Guess what? The scores for teachers are much worse! But that has nothing to do whatsoever with busting teachers unions. It’s all about the kids….

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2 Responses to Lies, Damn Lies, and Nashville’s Charter Schools

  1. Fred the Fair-minded says:

    You might have most of a good argument here but your ugly childish ranting obscures it.

    I would think the ability of a private school to weed out underperforming kids (and teachers) would be a feature, not a bug. Are you saying it should just be done more honestly, or not at all?

    I’d be happy for charter/private schools to play by different rules, if it improved the education system significantly. And teachers unions are a massive cancer on the body of both our educational AND our political systems.

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