Some Good Citizen Science: Calbug

Calbug, which attempts to harness the general public to improve nine Californian insect and spider collections, came across the transom:

Calbug is an effort to digitize terrestrial arthropod-specimen records with a focus on California. The project represents a collaboration among eight entomological collections in California to capture data from specimen labels. The Calbug Science Team will then use the collection data to assess how arthropods have responded to climate change and habitat modification. Drawing from over a century of insect collecting in the region, our goal is to develop a database of over 1 million geographically referenced specimens.

… We have thousands of specimen images, labels and ledgers from museum collections and the biologists who maintain those collections. These contain information about the where and when a species was found in the past. We need you to help us transcribe that data and make it available for further use in biodiversity and conservation research. Along the way, you will be possibly be finding species that have never been observed anywhere else!

I tried a couple. It’s kinda neat. There are worse things you could do with your time.

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  1. ipeakgood says:

    My girlfriend is starting a similar project with plant specimens at the Harvard Herbaria.

  2. mrtoads says:

    Interesting and instructive. Thanks!

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