Links 5/14/13

Links for you. Science:

These ants are doing a terrible job.
Probability and Interpretations
Fighting dengue fever from within the mosquito
Birds and Dinosaurs
Francis Collins asks Twitter about the impact of sequestration


‘Early to rise’ may be holding back high school students
Here’s Why Benghazi May Finally Have Legs
How Austerity Kills
IQ and the Nativist Movement
3 Groups Denied Break by I.R.S. Are Named (some context for the recent IRS scandal)
Just Give People Money
Best Stimulus Package May Be Food Stamps
How Chicago Workers Went From Occupation to Cooperative
Top Conservative Publication Defends Linking Hispanics To Low IQ
Mayhem In New Orleans (“Maybe we are not a good people. Maybe we are a scared and angry people and we have armed ourselves because we are scared and angry.”)
The Dark Art of Racecraft: Jason Richwine’s place in the long history of research on race and IQ (“But one can oppose it for simpler reasons — its practitioners have a nasty habit of being wrong.”)
The IRS Controversy and the Tax-Exempt Charade
An Army of Darryls

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  1. ChariD says:

    De-lurking here. This may be a stupid question, but with regard to the dengue fever-carrying mosquitoes:

    If they introduce an insecticide-resistance gene along with the Wolbachia bacteria, which effectively keeps the mosquito from being able to transmit dengue and malaria, wouldn’t that then allow the mosquito to be 1) resistant to insecticides (duh) and 2) able to survive to transmit some other disease to humans that the Wolbachia bacteria doesn’t stop.


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