Links 5/12/13

Links for you. Science:

Surveillance under pressure
Secret Streets of Britain’s ‘Atlantis’ Are Revealed
The Plight of the Honeybee
Even centipedes have mothers


The Hitless Songwriter
Who Can Stop the Koch Brothers From Buying the Tribune Papers? Unions Can, and Should
Political Correctness Wins Again 😉
The Right-Wing Noise Machine gets its “mean IRS” headline, and it’s full steam ahead for flagrant 501(c)4 abuse
5 Ways The Republican Party Has Sabotaged Our Economic Recovery
Moby Ben, or, The Washington Super-Whale: Hedge Fundies, the Federal Reserve, and Bernanke-Hatred
A patient’s view on the Oregon Medicaid experiment
Charles Ramsey is still a hero: His own domestic violence record doesn’t negate what he did to free Amanda Berry. It makes it more remarkable
The recursion of pop-econ
Dialect Map Of U.S. Shows How Americans Speak By Region
The Long Shadow of Bad Credit in a Job Search
The Foundation Is Optional
Conservatives Also Love To Link Inequality And IQ
The 501(c)3 Grift That Keeps On Grifting
A Petition That Just Might Save the Post Office
Penny Pritzker’s Commerce (Part Two)
Guns Are a Right, Yes—but Do They Have to Be?

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