Links 5/8/13

Links for you. Science:

Death of the genome paper
China bird flu scare: H7N9 found to be a deadly mix of four strains
Some Thoughts on Myriad After the Supreme Court Argument
Blue heron versus snake
What We Know—And What We Don’t—About the Oregon Medicaid Study (good case study in statistical power)


10 Reasons Why the Obama Administration Is Wrong on Emergency Contraception
Getting rich off global warming: Local officials and enviros are making plans for a post-global warming America. And so are profit-seeking companies
Obama goes wobbly (great minds think alike)
The Age of the Permanent Intern
Last of a Breed: Postal Workers Who Decipher Bad Addresses
THE PROFESSORIATE FAILS US AGAIN: What made Reinhart and Rogoff tick?
The Last Lost Cause
How Class Works – Richard Wolff Examines Class (interesting)
Why Business Models Fail in Education
So, why are we so loyal to a president who is not loyal to us?
Obama’s Patronage System: Pritzker Nomination for Commerce Department, Limp-Wristed Dodd Frank (related posts here and here)
MMT Budgetary principles (a bit technical, but a good explanation)
Maggie (something to consider: shopkeepers–middlemen–don’t actually create anything)
Obama needs to ask himself why even his supporters are growing impatient
It Isn’t Hard
Howard Kurtz’s Belated Comeuppance: The Media Critic’s Firing Comes After a Long History of Journalistic Abuses

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2 Responses to Links 5/8/13

  1. Lindsay says:

    The Plan B decision makes me so mad. Not so much because I’m disappointed in Obama — I’ve always known he wasn’t exactly a huge champion of reproductive freedom — but because I’m disappointed in Sebelius. She was the governor of my state before she went off to be Secretary of HHS, and I really liked her in that capacity.

  2. hipparchia says:

    from your bird flu link: Meanwhile, the strain was found to be a new type of “quadruple reassortant” virus with a mixture of genes from four flu strains found in birds, researchers said. [] One of those genes is likely to have come from migratory birds from East Asia.

    we crazy cat ladies have been trying to tell y’all that the world needs more cats and fewer birds. 🙂

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