Remember Where Movement Conservatives Came From

Admittedly, every so often, the lunacy peeks out, but Charles Pierce summarizes the fundamental political problem of our time:

….I do believe that he has repeatedly made the mistake of pursuing a mirage of bipartisanship in some form because he believes the political opposition to be made up mainly of reasonable men who are merely the victims of an unreasonable “base” Unfortunately, this is not true now. It has not been true at least since 2010. The Republican congressional delegation — particularly the members of the House — are completely creatures of the base. They are former state legislators and state senators who got elected to those offices espousing ideas that likely were further out there than the ones they’re spouting now. In large part, they were raised within the base’s political structures, both inside and outside of government. They are the product of a closed information society, with its own history and its own science and its own truth. To borrow a line from Jack Nicholson in The Last Detail, the Republican members of the House are the fking base, motherfker. They’re not asking for permission to do the right thing, and they’re certainly not waiting for this president to provide it. They’re not posing. They are not doing what they’re told. They’re doing what they believe.

Decades from now, historians will wonder how politicians who held such far out views that directly harm their constituents will have been elected over and over again with few repercussions.

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  1. coloncancercommunity says:

    “They are doing what they believe.” Nothing is more dangerous than zealots with a cause that have acquired actual power. They will indeed do “what they believe” and facts have no place in their ideology.

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