Links 4/10/13

Links for you. Science:

Ten things to consider when choosing an NGS supplier (also see this)
The Most Ridiculous Scene in Jurassic Park
Polynesian DNA mysteriously shows up in a Brazilian tribe: Even the scientists who discovered it aren’t sure how it got there.
101 New Species of Beetles
Scientists angry about budget cuts come out of the lab and onto the streets


Margaret Thatcher, RIP
The Rise of Anti-gay Beltway Power Broker Cleta Mitchell – for Her, It’s Personal
Debtors’ prisons are back: how heart-warmingly Dickensian!
What the heck is a DNS amplification DoS attack?
Talking About My Abortion
The Final Word on Penis Size?
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr. Jon Lee Anderson
Everything you need to know about Chained CPI in one post
How the Location of Colleges Hurts the Economy
Consumption Junction: Childhood Obesity Determined Largely by Environmental Factors, Not Genes or Sloth
Cash Benefit Programs Are Not Really Government Spending
Why Conservatives Think the Ends Justify the Means
The Stealth Sequester

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