Links 4/9/13

Links for you. Science:

Too many applicant institutions at the NIH Grant trough?
Definitive Link Confirms Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Transmits from Livestock to Humans
I’m a scientist. A social scientist. Please opine on the validity of my discipline.
Neighborhood Food Outlets, Diet, and Obesity Among California Adults, 2007 and 2009
Ignition Failed: How America’s latest attempt at fusion power fizzled
On Science Blogs: Brains, Mind, and Jane Goodall


Let the Democratic Götterdämmerung begin
Here’s Why “Good Looking” is Wrong and Damaging
Republican Mocks Single Mothers, Tells His Tenants To Die ASAP
Apple, Google, Intel Likely Conspired to Not Poach Workers, Judge Rules (and they need more H1-B visas why exactly?)
The Stories That Bind Us
“Saving” ≠ “Saving Resources”
All flights could be delayed 30 min because of sequester
Margaret Thatcher is dead – now the inquest must begin on her life and influence
The Missing Workforce: It’s Worse Than the Post Says
Anger Issues
The Big Squeeze: Can Cities Save The Earth?
The Amazing, Unstaged World Hiding Behind a Museum’s Closed Doors

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  1. Well said. No we DON’T need more Ph.D’s. We need to pay the ones we have a decent salary, stop adding to the problem and let the post-doctoral log-jam start to loosen by decreasing overall admissions. We need to stop the virtual FLOOD of visitor visas under the premise of a shortage when they are only being used as cheap replacements for scientists and engineers over 50. Otherwise there will be no future scientists entering the pipeline. Some would argue that this is “manipulation” but I disagree. All markets have to be tweaked. Does anyone believe that the scientists sitting on top of the catbirds seat are NOT manipulating things so that they have an endless supply of cheap labor?

    Although I am for dealing with the illegal immigration problem and I used to be all for foreign nationals coming over to the US to learn and work in our best institutions. I am no longer so generous. The new bills going through Congress would make the employment issues for many Americans worse.

    I was taking down a photo show in a shared work-space a week ago. (Yup – I’m a Ph.D. working as a photographer/adjunct/ real estate agent to put food on the table) There was an Indian lawyer renting the conference room. When I asked what he was doing, I found he was working with a team of paralegals for a large number of clients in India who are trying to find loopholes around our guest visa system. ENOUGH! With unemployment over 7%, with older, but highly qualified people dropping out of the marketplace, this just has to stop. We need to take care of our own and not continue to let foreign nationals turn high-skilled fields into a race for the bottom. After all, as a near 50-year-old Ph.D, I don’t see anyone offering me a job in Bangalore.

    As to monies spent by the NIH. That is the seed corn for new industries. You can only reap when you sow. No one seems to want to sow anymore. They think they can squeeze every last drop of juice from the hard-won innovation of previous decades and then have a new technology magically appear without any investment when the current well runs dry.

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