White Supremacists Assault the U.S. Judicial System…

and no one seems to give a damn:

A mere two months after another TX prosecutor from the same jurisdiction had been shot dead, a district attorney for Kaufman County, TX (and area outside of Dallas) and his wife were shot dead in an apparent assassination. Due to the first murder, prosecutor Mike McCelland had taken a number of precautions to protect himself, including carrying a firearm, but apparently that did not prevent his murder or that of his wife, Cynthia – and there are no reports of there having been any exchange of gunfire, so it is unlikely he even had a chance to defend himself. The killings have been linked to white supremacist criminal organization and prison gang the Aryan Brotherhood, which had seen a number of its members recently indicted – an organization with intimate ties to gun and militia cultures throughout the United States.

Does anyone doubt for a moment that if this was a militant Muslim group, there would be wall-to-wall coverage of this?

Mistermix is right: you have to be the right kind of terrorist.

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