Links 3/27/13

Links for you. Science:

Senate Delivers a Devastating Blow to the Integrity of the Scientific Process at the National Science Foundation (first they came for the political scientists?)
Watch these giant deep-sea isopods go about their day (awesome video)
Natural History in the -omics era
Why Total Reporting of Genetic Results Is a Bad Idea
Suck It: The Ins and Outs of Mouth Pipetting


From the Bad Instincts file: believing Bush knew what he was doing (excellent)
Why The Register Citizen exposed the identity of student bullies (excellent)
Private sector parasites: The real “takers” in America are not poor people dependent on welfare, but the unproductive, rent-extracting rich (must-read)
Twenty money-saving tips from bankers and their wives (don’t read this unless your drink has a lid)
Bidding wars for apartments?
The Reformy Argument, And The Response
David Brooks Tackles Progressive Caucus Budget: Remedial Logic to the Rescue
IS-LM is bad economics no matter what Krugman says
Asking Serious People Silly Questions
American News Consumers Have Gained the World but Lost Their Backyards
Not That High: Today’s marijuana is too strong, and that’s bad for new business.
Iraq: 10 Years After, Have We Learned a Thing?

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