Delayed Justification

Like Comrade Driftglass, I’m starting to feel vindicated by the recent spate of articles and blog posts that are recognizing what we Dirty Fucking Hippies have known all along: that the Republican Party is not interested in compromise; that movement conservatives do not rethink and reconsider, only regroup and rearm; that the only moderate conservatives are to be found in the Democratic Party (and the White House); that Compulsive Centrist Disorder is not a virtue, but a pathology (nor does it represent the actual center).

Digby adds (boldface mine):

Liberal wags everywhere have suddenly discovered that the Republicans are obstinate ideologues. Stop the presses. (In fact, they are writing columns that could have been lifted verbatim from the average liberal blogger’s daily posts circa 2006 — of course, at the time we were dismissed by many of the same people as shrill gadflies, polluting the discourse.)

Seven years too damn late, but I guess that’s better than never?

I just hope it won’t take another seven years for our betters to start listening to us about economics….

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