Links 3/2/13

Links for you. Science:

The R01 equivalent is the heart and soul of the NIH Extramural program
Publishers do not manage peer-review, either. We do.
Reports of rare superbug jump in US, CDC says
The Drama Over Project Encode, And Why Big Science And Small Science Are Different
Swine flu shot linked to narcolepsy, study finds (also see: AS03 Adjuvanted AH1N1 Vaccine Associated with an Abrupt Increase in the Incidence of Childhood Narcolepsy in Finland)
HIV Infection Is Most Concentrated In The South, Where Students Don’t Learn About It In School (the pattern is worth noting, but this is a cheap shot: MA, NJ, and NY also have high HIV infection rates. Despite the continuing misperception that this is a ‘gay’ disease, the incidence is very high among women of color which explains the distribution better)


Writer and Other Israel Firsters On Payroll of Anti-Semitic Malaysian Government (excellent; I was going to write this, but no need to do so now)
The sequester cuts become real (pdf)
The worst eighth-grade math teacher in New York City (must-read)
Cutting entitlements is “in the DNA” of the sequester (must-read)
The Great Recession and Preferences for Redistribution
China Expert: China Is Fast Approaching Urban Disaster
Brooklyn Abridged (funny)
The Chinese Bond Meme That Refuses to Die
Don’t come to Wall Street for the money, even if you plan on giving it away
Efficiency Wages (related thoughts here)
If this is the deal, Philly teachers should strike
The Moral of Pierre
Kramer and Hellman: The Washington Creation That Ate Your Lunch (and your research)
US college educated workers bypassed for jobs. Why?

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