The People Prefer Plan C

No, that’s not a new form of contraception. Business Insider and Survey Monkey conducted a poll asking people to indicate which of three sequestration-avoidance plans they preferred (or letting the sequester happen), but they were very clever. They labelled the plans A, B, and C, instead of identifying them by party sponsor. The clear winner was Plan C:


Even Republicans seemed to like Plan C:


So what’s Plan C? The Plan That Shall Not Be Named®. That’s right the plan put forth by the Congressional Progressive Caucus and that has been completely disappeared by the corporate media. Here’s how Plan C was described:

[The House Progressive Caucus plan] replaces the entire sequester with a new plan with equivalent savings. It accomplishes this by ending subsidies to fossil fuel companies, closing several tax loopholes, cutting the corporate meal and entertainment tax deduction at 25 percent, and enacting a 28 percent limit on certain tax deductions and extensions.

But that’s just crazy talk. And not enough suffering for the non-wealthy.

This really is turning into the economic equivalent of the Iraq War: the pundit class holds some idiotic ideas and won’t let go of them to the detriment of us all.

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