Links 2/21/13

Links for you. Science:

Alligators in Your Backyard: Thanks to climate change, the cold-blooded giants are lurching north.
Can They Patent Your Genes? (my thoughts here, here, and here)
Insist That People Coexisted With Dinosaurs…and Get an A in Science Class!
The Filibuster Solution, Or ‘What If Honeybees Ran The U.S. Senate?’ (good piece on bee behavior)
Ten Commandments for Next-Gen Sequencing


Does China Have an Army of Hackers?
Detroit can’t recover economically with lead-poisoned children
A Chinese Hacker’s Identity Unmasked
No-Gun Culture (related thoughts here)
9 Economic Facts That Will Make Your Head Spin
Obama, DC Press Corps Locked in Mutual Loathing Pact
How to save the USPS
The Weird Irony at the Heart of the Napoleon Chagnon Affair
5 Top Regrets People Have At the End of Their Lives
Stopping Domestic Violence: A Radical Feminist Idea?
Glenn Beck has actually become a real-life mad scientist
When Prostitution Wasn’t a Crime: The Fascinating History of Sex Work in America
Former senator reveals he fathered a child with daughter of another senator (the party of family values, etc….)
An Idea Whose Time Has Come

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  1. somedude says:

    Ornithologists nowadays insist that if one uses cladistics then all birds are also dinosaurs, so those children had better get an A. 🙂

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