Links 2/14/13

Links for you. Science:

A Flurry of Frog Legs
Mosh Pits Teach Us About the Physics of Collective Behavior
Science and Job Creation: The Human Genome Project (because Obama mentioned this in the State of the Union Address)
US should vaccinate poultry to stop killer salmonella
CNN Anchor to Bill Nye: Did Global Warming Cause the Asteroid That Will Soon Fly Past Earth? (Sweet Baby Intelligent Designer, this is stupid)


Return of the oppressed: From the Roman Empire to our own Gilded Age, inequality moves in cycles. The future looks like a rough ride (very good)
Increasing Social Security Benefits: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
It’s How Badly She Said It
Jonah Lehrer falls into familiar pattern, fails to face his reckoning
Can We Be Hard-Headed About Preschool? A Look at Universal and Targeted Pre-K
Obama Retrades Broken First Term Campaign Minimum Wage Promise in State of the Union Address
We’re Paying
Millions of Children are Growing Up With Unemployed Parents Because of Fix the Debt and Other Deficit Hawks
When Does a Policy Start?
Can fashion fix fashion?
It could happen to you too.
So Jonah Lehrer Has Apologized. For Money.
#ProveitJonah: How Jonah Lehrer can prove his apology wasn’t a sham
Battered Skulls Reveal Violence Among Stone Age Women: Contrary to findings from mass Stone Age graves, women were equally as likely to be victims of deadly blows as men
The Test Tube Chandelier #pretty

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