Links 2/12/13

Links for you. Science:

5 Ways to Make Progress in Evolutionary Psychology: Smash, Not Match, Stereotypes (excellent)
Antibiotics And Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria In Meat: Not Getting Better
Don’t use Excel for biological data (oddly enough, “The Importance of Excel” showed up on my radar right around the same time)
Creationist Home Schooling Science Fair
If you are going to talk about “tiers”, then you’d better own that


Never again? It’s happening again: The scariest video you’ll watch today (a good benchmark for economic policy is not enabling facism. Just saying)
Geithner’s replacement at Treasury, Lew, stashed money in Cayman Islands
Waiting for the Reckoning
And Now Let Us Praise, and Consider the Absurd Luck of, Famous Men
John E. Karlin, Who Led the Way to All-Digit Dialing, Dies at 94
Bill Moyers: Why U.S. Internet Access is Slow, Costly and Unfair (my take here)
The Fancy Papers and the Local Papers (in which Boston gets its newspaper back, provisionally)
Tax games and redistributing income upward
The Dehumanization of Education
A warning to college profs from a high school teacher
Iowa Anti-Choicers Admit They Want to Imprison Women for Abortion
Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaires

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