Links 2/8/13

Links for you. Science:

The Face Of A ‘Computer’ From 1946
Cuckoldry rates in Germany are ~1 percent (this is lower than expected)
NIH funding should be slow, steady, sustainable
Postdocalypse now
Darwin’s Birds Get New Look
A Patient’s Guide: How To Stay Safe In a Hospital
New 17-million-digit monster is largest known prime


The coming catastrophees and the Rawlsian veil of ignorance (raises a very good economic point)
The Stage is Set… (about the Boston School Choice plans; my thoughts here)
Opinion: My family farm isn’t under “corporate control”
Tech, telecom giants take sides as FCC proposes large public WiFi networks
The worst thing about Valentine’s Day
Dollars for Deniers: Big Oil Funds Climate Science Denialism
Why are many academics on short-term contracts for years?
The NRA’s political power: overwhelming or overstated? (Overstated, as I noted a while ago)
Imbalance in the infrastructure debate
The Clocks at Grand Central Station Are Permanently Wrong
Massachusetts Gun Violence Up Despite Tougher Laws on Firearms: Some blame out-of-state guns brought from New Hampshire and Maine.
Join physician’s revolt!
Who can’t be on Obama’s “kill list”?
There’s No Such Thing as a Concussion-Proof Helmet

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