Links 2/7/13

Links for you. Science:

Why do people blow the punchline in scientific talks? The destructive effect of acknowledgements slides
Contesting the “Nature” Of Conformity: What Milgram and Zimbardo’s Studies Really Show
A Guide to Enterotypes across the Human Body: Meta-Analysis of Microbial Community Structures in Human Microbiome Datasets
Stowaway Killer TB Travels Globe Fueling Screening Sales
Shermer, Isopp, and the ‘Liberal War on Science’ (this is the key point: while there are wackaloons among liberals too, the political party nominally allied with them does not let that subset of liberals drive their political agenda. This is not hard to understand)


Paul Krugman Destroys GOP’s Talking Points On Government Jobs (Fiorina also makes no sense since many of these cuts are state and local, not federal. Then again, hers is not a reality-based critique, but recitation of ideological catechism)
Obsolete Humans? Why Elites Want You to Fear the Robot (even now the number of well-meaning economists who refuse to recognize the pervasiveness of rent/wealth extraction is shocking)
Football’s death spiral
We won’t see a game like that ever again
Panetta: Enhanced interrogation did not lead to bin Laden
Obama must face the rise of the robots
Why the bus crashed
Limo driver sues Uber over tips (despite the technobrat love for Uber, it’s not clear if they treat their drivers well)
Why Are Conservatives Defending Audi’s Rapey Super Bowl Ad?
Where Does Mayor Bloomberg Stand on Academic Freedom? (this whole thing is insane: the Likudniks have done more to damage their reputation than BDS ever could have)
Apple Shows Signs a Major Interface Overhaul Is Coming
So God Made a Farmer
Timbuktu’s Priceless Manuscripts Are Safe After All
Larry Summers and the Davos Scam
Why Nobody Wins In The Education “Research Wars”

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