Links 2/6/13

Links for you. Science:

£100M for whole patient genomes – revolutionising genetic diagnostics or squandering NHS cash?
Data for dummies: 6 data-analysis tools anyone can use
Glowing reviews on ‘arseniclife’ spurred NASA’s embrace
Genetic discrimination and life insurance: a systematic review of the evidence
Catching the Cold: Tracking the genetic diversity and evolution of rhinoviruses can lead to a better understanding of viral evolution, the common cold, and more dangerous infections.
Darwin Day resolution introduced in U.S. House


The Great Gerrymander of 2012 (must-read)
The New Deal
How to win arguments by pretending to be a simpleton (excellent; clearly, these fools don’t understand the economics of ATOMIC SPACE SCIENCE TANKS! WITH JETPACKS!)
The Value Added Teacher Model Sucks
Ezra Klein Strikes Out Big on Immigration and Demographics
Pitbulls Used to Be Considered the Perfect “Nanny Dogs” for Children — Until the Media Turned Them Into Monsters: Despite their reputation, the United Kennel Club doesn’t recommended using pitbulls as guard dogs because they’re too friendly with strangers.
New York Sued Over Arrest And Interrogation Of Seven-Year-Old Boy Over Missing $5 Bill At School
University Of Texas, Rick Perry Clash Over Future Of Public Higher Education
A Bronx Cheer for the Postal Service: The Fire Sale of Historic Post Offices Continues
It turns out nearly all Americans love Social Security
Why Police Lie Under Oath
Sheepdogs and wolves
The reason Obama hasn’t “explained Keynesianism” is because Obama is not a Keynesian
Every California Right Wing Smear Campaign Has Been Paid For By One Deranged Trust Fund Baby Who Spent Much Of His Life In An Insane Asylum
How To Debate Paul Krugman

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