First, Cupcakes, Now Yoghurt?

While I’ve discussed the blight of cupcake stores in Boston’s Back Bay, I’ve neglected to mention the equally ridiculous number of yoghurt stores (five in 0.05 square miles). Though it appears that one has finally been smacked down:

The frozen yogurt war on Boston’s Newbury Street has claimed its first victim.

After two years at 303 Newbury St., BerryLine, known for its tart treats made on site, has closed.

Guess what it’s going to be replaced with?

Another fucking yogurt store.

Though I suppose it could have been a cupcake store. Because we like culinary diversity.


By the way, this is clearly an efficient allocation of resources. Just saying.

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5 Responses to First, Cupcakes, Now Yoghurt?

  1. lb*/ says:

    I feel your sticky sweet dairy pain. However consider what both shops (shoppes?) Represent: easily ported, pre-packaged mixes which, after the magic diy step can be sold for $5-10 a unit. In a recessed economy with stable wages (that means lower and lower) super-expensive coffee, muffins/cupcakes or whipped dairy are all we can afford. Thus these shops are both a statement about our economy and our lack of proper socializing methodology. The former is self explanatory; the latter refers to never being alone as a means to compensate that we rarely (if ever) communicate.

  2. Wait, are you suggesting a generalised bakery? That can make not only cupcakes but also other baked goods as well?

    It’ll never catch on.

  3. Art says:

    Of course, if you want to dream it pays to aim high. in the early 70s Giants super market had independently run shops inside and for a while there was a butcher, deli, and bakery all side-by-side. As with so much else that was good, it was systematically undercut and replaced with a more profitable and corporate-friendly structure. But for a while there you could get a roast beef on rye so good you will ever after cry bit inside at having to get by on the pale imitations we are left with today.

  4. Lindsey says:

    Whatever this new yogurt shop will be, it won’t compare to the quality of Berryline. I’m lucky enough to live in the Fenway area (until May, anyway) and can get my fix there.

  5. Charlie says:

    I really don’t understand why that stretch of Newbury St has so many froyo shops. Meanwhile there are many neighborhoods that have none. Why wouldn’t you open a new place where there is no competition?!

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