Links 1/21/13

Links for you. Science:

Vouching Against Creationism
Hiding your research behind a paywall is immoral: As a scientist your job is to bring new knowledge into the world. Hiding it behind a journal’s paywall is unacceptable
Fecal Transplants: A Clinical Trial Confirms How Well They Work
The Elephant Killing Fields
There and back again


‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Is Osama bin Laden’s Last Victory Over America (why is nobody willing to suggest, even Taibbi, that Bigelow extolled the virtues of torture to make a quick, sleazy buck?)
Aaron’s Law: Violating a Site’s Terms of Service Should Not Land You in Jail
The Problems With High Broderite History
The political consequences of academic paywalls
The Message and the Meaning: Is ‘Pro-choice’ Passé?
Extortionists Versus Con Men
An Inequality Debate Heats Up
Dave Barry on man-vs.-snake Everglades smackdown
The software patent system is broken, long live the software patent system
It’s sad that Obama is doing this.
In Wake of Newtown, It’s Time for America to Meet the NRA
What Is Middle-Class in Manhattan? (this is why we need a much more progressive tax code)
Ayn Rand is for children
Why The TSA Targets Women And 5 Ways To Cope

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3 Responses to Links 1/21/13

  1. physicalist says:

    “Ayn Rand is for Children” made me think of Andrew Henry’s Meadow, which I loved as a child, and now read to my own kids.

    Does Andrew go Galt? I think Rand is appealing to the same thrill of imagined self sufficiency that drew me to this book, and to My Side of the Mountain, among others.

    But Andrew builds houses for the others that come join him without any apparent demand that he be reimbursed. Decidedly un-Randian, I conclude.

  2. onkelbob says:

    And since the word is in your description, Argo Fuck Yourself did not resonate with the reviewer from Counterpunch. No mind you, I told the frau I will not go see Zero Dark Thirty because I consider it war porn. However, I enjoyed Argo, even though the dramatic license was a bit overmuch.

  3. onkelbob says:

    oops linky to Counterpunch

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