Links 1/10/13

Linsk for you. Science:

Ants disinfect their young by drooling backside poison
It’s Time To Stop Obsessing About the Dangers of Genetic Information (though never underestimate the stupidity of a small minority)
A Science Teacher Draws the Line at Creation
Stem Cell Lawsuit Finally Over
Scientists’ Dreams for 2013: Fix Science TV, Make Climate Change Sink In, and More


The Question Torture Apologists Can’t Answer (must-read)
Sam Harris’s dangerous faith in guns
The saddest graph you’ll see today
The Outside Man
Obama and McConnell are Playing the Country – and Mainstream Liberals are the Instrument of Choice
Lazy Corporate Monopolies Are Why America Can’t Have Nice Things
Why the multiplier doesn’t matter
Why Are Finland’s Schools Successful?
Two decades later, ‘Pump Up the Volume’ looks unexpectedly and unfortunately ahead of its time
U.S. public schools cut 11,000 jobs in December
The Empire Michelle Rhee Built
Co-author of platinum coin law weighs in on trillion dollar coin
Having Your Minimum Wage and EITC, Too (it’s also worth noting that a higher minimum wage lowers EITC payments)
Mother of the year?

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