The Grey Lady and David Brooks Made a Typo

While my take on the NY Times‘ David Brooks is that one should read his columns for the pictures–and since there are no pictures in his columns, you would be better off not reading them at all, I did find it funny when reading someone else’s excerpt of his recent column that there was a typo (boldface mine; from the original):

But defense planners are notoriously bad at estimating how fast postwar military cuts actually come. After Vietnam, the cold war and the 1991 gulf war, they vastly underestimated the size of the cuts that eventually materialized. And those cuts weren’t forced by the Medicare vice. The coming cuts are.

In Canadian and U.S. English, the word is vise, a synonym of clamp. Vice is a sin or failing. Alternatively, maybe Brooks just really, really hates Medicare?

Standards are slipping…

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