Krugman For Treasury Secretary

There’s a petition circulating to support the nomination of Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary. While I don’t always agree with Krugman, he would be far better than most of the alternatives. Unlike the others, he does seem to give a damn about the majority of Americans who are not in the financial industry.

You can sign the petition here.

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6 Responses to Krugman For Treasury Secretary

  1. Sean says:

    He actually mentioned this on his blog today:
    And nicely declined along the way.

  2. kuremmu says:

    i signed the petition, but might he not be more useful in ben bernanke’s job?

    • kuremmu says:

      p.s. although krugman would apparently decline the nomination, the petition is not useless. enough signatures would show the president what sort of treasury secretary the people outside the beltway want and, by extension, what sort of treasury policies we would support.

      • Rich S. says:

        Yes, lets all us hippies sign the petition and line up to get punched by Obama, again. I like Krugman, but Obama doesn’t care what we think. You heard what the DOJ did with the HSBC money laundering case, right? How many bloody noses do you need before you realize who Obama really is?
        Anyway, I signed the damned thing.

  3. Frank Carpenter says:

    I sign on and give permission to everyone in the world designated by MoveOn to pester the shit out of me?

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