Links 1/5/13

Links for you. Science:

Changing rewards: who first? (must-read; this is the equivalent of the budgetary magic asterisk for the sociology of science)
Dr. Oz’s Miraculous Medical Advice: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
U.S. Clears DNA Firm’s Acquisition by Chinese
Just Because I Can
Is NASA Lost in Space or Aimed at Asteroid?
Will panda blood solve the antibiotic crisis? Unlikely.


The Ongoing War: After the Battle Over the Cliff, the Battle Over the Debt Ceiling (must-read)
Don’t underestimate Viking women (very interesting)
How can Republicans change their minds?
How Avis will ruin Zipcar (a key point Pearlstein doesn’t discuss in terms of Avis’ strategy is that Avis isn’t buying Zipcar to be profitable, but to co-opt a competitor)
The Post-Productive Economy
Forget the ‘fiscal cliff’: We don’t need across-the-board tax increases or spending cuts. We need policies that will create more jobs.
Joshua Cohen, philosopher, on Central Park, New York
On the Matter of MOOCs (I think it’s really a mistake to view MOOCs primarily as anything other than the privatization of the public sector and a response to neo-liberal economics)
Why Software Patents Should Be Banned: A Case Study
Please don’t beg me for mercy (a professorial rant). (who cheats in an ethics course?)
Texas among 10 states facing lawsuits over education funding
Obama Punks The GOP, Yet Again (don’t agree, but different point of view)
The Man Who Could Have Saved Organized Labor
It’s a One-Time Thing, It Just Happens A Lot

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