Let’s Put the Platinum Coin Option on the White House’s Agenda

I’ve written before about how we could resolve the looming debt ceiling crisis Republican hostage-taking with the minting of a $2 trillion platinum coin. Admittedly, it’s absurd but legal (something Paul Krugman came around to yesterday).

Please sign the petition, since we simply can’t afford any more economic hostage-taking.

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5 Responses to Let’s Put the Platinum Coin Option on the White House’s Agenda

  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    But then we would have to revise all the vending machines.

  2. physicalist says:

    I’m thinking they should make it really, really big . . . so it doesn’t get dropped and roll down a drain, or something.

  3. albanaeon says:

    Done. Maybe our Compromiser in Chief will get the message to play some hard ball…

  4. Dom says:

    The idea of minting a $2trn coin is sheer insanity – if it had any merit, then why not just mint a $16trn coin and eradicate the entire US debt? In fact, why not mint a $32trn coin and fund the next ten year’s deficit as well?
    The US is in a hole from which it will never extricate itself – hyper inflation will eventuate and the economy will implode.
    Sorry, but people who think this stuff is legit are intellectually impaired.

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