Links 1/3/13

Links for you. Science:

Mosaicism: Not All Genomes Are Created Equal
On Vampire Capitalism and the Fear of Inoculation: Why efforts to contain disease are often seen as conspiracies to sell vaccines
Antidepressants to treat grief? Psychiatry panelists with ties to drug industry say yes
Finally, Hard Evidence Against The “Autism Epidemic”?
A Sad Post: RIP Carl Woese!


Let’s Give Up on the Constitution
Banks Deeply Involved in FBI-Coordinated Suppression of “Terrorist” Occupy Wall Street (I think ‘assisted’ would be more accurate than coordinated, but, either way, it’s bad)
Dear FBI: Show Your Work
Urban Trends We Hope Die in 2013
What Does the Fiscal Cliff Mean for You?
Open data is not a panacea
Empires of Illusion and the Credibility Trap – First They Come For the Weak
Dr. Black Did It as a Shorter; Here’s the Data
Public Funding for Stadiums Jumps the Shark in Miami
My prediction for 2013: Robot cars (don’t agree with everything but interesting)
Silicon Valley is wrong about college
No downside for Republican hostage taking
A Pickpocket’s Tale
Why 2013 is going to be awful

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