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Jon Swift Memorial Roundup 2012

Those of you who are aware of all internet traditions will remember the late Jon Swift who wrote some devastating satire in his role as a “reasonable conservative.” His reviews of “Books I Have Not Read” is a classic. So … Continue reading

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Yes, Obama and Many Democrats Are Rockefeller Republicans

I write that often, but so says conservative economist Bruce Bartlett (boldface mine): The dirty secret is that Obama simply isn’t very liberal, nor is the Democratic Party any more. Certainly, the center of the party today is far to … Continue reading

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Links 12/28/12

Links for you. Science: TB’s Global Resurgence Amplifies U.S. Risk GOPsters Fighting The War On Science Have Blood On Their Hands Dengue, aka “Breakbone Fever,” Is Back: The vicious virus has re-established itself in the South, and mosquitoes are carrying … Continue reading

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For otters (observed at the National Zoo–it gets going at about the 0:50 mark):

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MOOC Promoters Are Not ‘Disruptors’ But Neo-Liberal Apologists

For those who don’t know what a MOOC is, it’s short for massive open online course. All the cyberpundits are a twitter about it (pun intended), as it is a potentially disruptive technology (by the way, when did disruptive stop … Continue reading

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Links 12/27/12

Links for you. Science: Flu cases starting to spike in Boston NIH small business awards per capita by State 17 Awesome, Nerdy Examples Of Taxonomy Humor Drastic cuts in fish quotas expected (global warming. WHEEE!!!) Anthropologists are among the lowest … Continue reading

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One Thing You Can Do to Stop the NRA

…or at least slow it down a little. One fundamental problem is that the gun merchants’ lobby massively outspends the gun safety lobby: For a very long time, the Brady Campaign has fought this fight. Rather than waiting for Michael … Continue reading

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