Links 12/31/12

Links for you. Science:

Cathy O’Neil: Why Nate Silver is Not Just Wrong, but Maliciously Wrong (must-read)
Disturbing Employment Trends in NSF Doctorate Recipient Report
Defending Collections
The Prozac Yogurt Effect: How Hype Can Affect the Future of Science
Great ideas in this #PLoSOne paper; except we published same idea 12 fu$*# years ago
Perfectly Timed Photos of a Tiny Mouse Climbing a Dandelion


Galbraith: Change of Direction (absolute, must-read)
What is Really Happening in Syria: Descent Into Holy War (it sounds more like ethnic violence than religious war per se, but it’s worth a read)
Contemptible Shit David Brooks Says, Ctd. (excellent)
Our ‘How-to Manual’ for Betraying Seniors and People with Disabilities
What I learned from my gun show tour
I feel like I’m watching the Democratic party commit suicide
On Killing Sprees
Postscript: Robert Bork, 1927-2012
Hack List No. 10: New York Times
Sue the Gun Makers, and the Sellers, Too
Even Some “Liberal” Journalists Are Losing Their Bearings on Obama’s Social Security Sellout

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