Links 12/20/12

Links for you. Science:

New U.S. Commission Would Try to Improve Weather Forecasting
Predator-Producing Bacteria May Be Battling in Human Intestines
Fuck You, Pelicans Are Awesome: A Defense Of The NBA’s Best New Team Name
MoMath: Exhibits for Ending Math Apathy
Dogs can accurately sniff out ‘superbug’ infections (since dogs spend hours sniffing shit for fun anyway, this seems like a proverbial win-win for everyone)


The Libertarians Against Coercion Applauding Dick DeVos’ Coercion
Good Men Project’s Rape Faceplant, Predators and the Social License to Operate
Speed Camera Nabs Car Sitting At Red Light
From trains to cars: The evolution of Park Square (excellent)
Michigan Republicans Re-Pass Anti-Union Law That Voters Repealed Just Six Weeks Ago
Michigan Police Scratch Their Heads At Fox Contributor’s Post-Punch Media Tour (looks like the Fox guy punched first)
The GOP’s New Voter Suppression Strategy: Gerrymander the Electoral College
America, Moral Degenerate: Democrats and Republicans alike embrace torture and assassination policies that are an attack on 800 years of civil rights law.
Why does social science matter?
Bobby Jindal totally loves birth control now because that’ll stick it to the Democrats
Here we go again
The Four Most Beautiful Words in the English Language: I Told You So
9 Things The Rich Don’t Want You To Know About Taxes
Shocking Decline in Ethiopian Israeli Birthrate (somehow I don’t think the ‘Christian Zionists’ are going to focus on this…)

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Fuck You, Pelicans Are Awesome: A Defense Of The NBA’s Best New Team Name ***

    Assuming the author was exaggerating, I googled pelicans. If anything, he was understating the issue. These creatures are very, very mean. And perhaps the oddest thing was that I found no pelican recipes except for one on a joke page.

    The perfect recipe for tough cuts of meat, ie. anything off a Pelican, not suitable for other dishes.”

    Somebody had asked the question “Are Pelicans Edible”. The answer was basically that eating one wouldn’t kill you, but you’d be a mighty unhappy camper because 1) they taste like crap and 2) they’re a Federally protected bird.

    *** America, Moral Degenerate: Democrats and Republicans alike embrace torture and assassination policies that are an attack on 800 years of civil rights law. ***

    Even after all these years since the Texas Torturer turned the US into a torture state, I’m still numb with the horror of it all. During the Bush years Democrats usually opposed the lawlessness, but the Republican part of the population was ok with it. Now that Obama-The-Democrat is doing the same stuff and worse, virtually everybody in the country quietly accepts the new situation. After a whole lifetime of being exposed to the propaganda that “WE” were better than that, I had sort of come to believe it.

    This leads me into another of the links:

    *** Shocking Decline in Ethiopian Israeli Birthrate ***

    A French diplomat named Daniel Bernard made an accurate assessment of Israel when he called it “that shitty little country”. Bad as we’re becoming in the US, the forced sterilization of black Americans is still quite unthinkable. The punks who harassed the 68-year-old school bus monitor Karen Klein were punished, and so many horrified Americans contributed enough money that she was able to finally retire.

    “A parent in the northern Israeli city of Kiryat Bialik allegedly assaulted an Ethiopian school bus guard yesterday, breaking her nose, Ynet reported.

    Ziona Mangistu was reportedly told by the school’s principal to refuse to allow a particular student to board the bus because he was suspended from school.

    After Mangistu stopped the boy for boarding, she received a call from the boy’s father who allegedly shouted racist slurs at her, including, “stinking Ethiopian, we will have you sent back to where you came from!””

    The Israeli redneck parent punched her in the face and broke her nose. The school officials abandoned her. The police ‘punished’ the parent by putting him in house arrest for 5 days.

    Then there’s the story on the Informed Consent blog today.

    *** UN Security Council Condemns Further Israeli Squatting on Palestinian Land, with Rogue State US Vetoing ***

    The US is playing a role in the UN which compares to that of the Republicans in Congress – Rogues. No matter what Israel is doing, the US is ok with it. Vetoes anybodys efforts to rein in the thefts or murders or whatever else they’re doing over there.

    Obama won’t ever again face a national election, so a person has got to assume he truly wants to cripple Social Security and Medicare. That he approves of Bush’s torturers and his own White-House directed murders. That he is just fine with Israel mistreating Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, and Ethiopians. And he clearly isn’t bothered with “that shitty little country” stealing the land, water, and lives of an occupied people.

    That hardly anybody in the US is bothered by any of this really does bother me.

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