Links 12/15/12

Links for you. Science:

Let’s Gang Up on Killer Bugs
Don’t Have the Wool Pulled Over Your Eyes
NIH Considers Anonymity for Grant Applicants
The Nature of the Knight Bus
How A Superbug Traveled The World


Obama drops the hammer on Michigan “right to work” push (credit where credit is due; it’s about time Obama et alia started looking out for their supporters)
On why men rape, and why they don’t
What’s My Name?
They’ve Never Cared About The Deficit
Conservatives Must Stop Blaming Victims for Violence Against Them
To Save His Second Term, Obama Must Go Over the Fiscal Cliff
Things That Aren’t Explained
A Hunger for Tales of Life in the American Cul-de-Sac
How Rural, Conservative Oklahoma Built the Nation’s Best Model for Early Education
Congressman Mike Capuano on the fiscal cliff (not bad, even though the ‘government debt is like personal debt’ is stupid)
The Republicans Still Can’t Grasp Why They Lost
CNN Anchor Denounces GOP Senator For Balancing Budget On Backs Of ‘Nation’s Poor Children’

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Don’t Have the Wool Pulled Over Your Eyes ***

    I don’t believe I like William T. Talman, MD very much. This little essay looks as if he had a list of Logical Fallacies handy, and used as many as he could.

    “Do animals used in research deserve protection? Yes, and they get it. Our government sets strict standards for research animal care.”

    Combining the question “Do animals used in research deserve protection?” with the statement that “government sets strict standards for research animal care” does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that the lab animals are protected. A group which says it uses the Freedom Of Information law to pry information out of the agencies which are supposedly protecting lab animals has found plenty of violations.

    At the animal testing wiki was this:

    “More than once, I was instructed by a supervisor to make a personal list of violations of the law, cut that list in half, and then cut that list in half again before writing up my inspection reports. My willingness to uphold the law during my site visits at the Primate Center led to me being ‘retrained’ several times by higher-ups in the USDA.[36]”

    Force the field workers to minimize their discoveries, then a mere slap on the wrist for whatever violations might be left. How many times have I heard THAT story?

    William T. Talman, MD would have done much better had he cut out the pollyanna BS and admitted there were some systemic problems which ought to be fixed. But no, he had to try to shift the blame to those trying to expose the excesses they found.

    A certain percentage of the people dealing with lab animals are going to be totally indifferent to their pain and suffering. A rather smaller group of them will be active sadists.

    A book I have somewhere in my cluttered library is titled ‘Warrior without weapons: An Army medic’s life aboard the Queen Mary during World War II’. Though a conscientious objector with regard to killing people, the author had no reservations at all about giving a sound workover with his fists to a sadistic US soldier he’d discovered deliberately hurting his badly wounded patients – more US soldiers.

    I think I’d settle for William T. Talman, MD symbolically washing his mouth out with soap, then actually downing a symbolic shot glass full of cod liver oil.

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