Links 12/13/12

Links for you. Science:

Congress Betrays The U.S. STEM Worker Once Again
Cavemen Were Better at Depicting Quadruped Walking than Modern Artists: Erroneous Walking Illustrations in the Fine Arts from Prehistory to Today
How to Create an American Technical Talent Shortage
Florida Asks FDA Approval to Eliminate Dengue Fever With Genetically Modified Mosquitoes
The Never Ending Science and Technology Job Lie


Why do Democrats always ask for small items when negotiating? (must-read)
Only Obama Can Revive the Tattered FDA (excellent article about the intersection between policy and antibiotic resistance)
Oops: Michigan Republicans Have Passed a Right to Work Law that may be Impossible to Implement
Do business subsidies make sense for regions? No: Reform the nation’s wasteful incentive system
When Even Santa Can’t Get a Job
LA Mayor Villaraigosa joins corporatist “Fix the Debt” board; petition wants him to quit
Medicare Eligibility Age on the Table?
Sell-Out of the Century?
Low-Wage Jobs Don’t Just Harm Workers — They Harm Their Children
Oh You Have GOT to be Kidding Me: Medicare Edition
Jonathan Chait and the Goldilocks principle (Chait is a concern troll, nothing more)
Bridging The Fiscal Cliff: A Wall Street Sales Tax
More vegetables, fewer calories: Are students eating more healthily this year?
Once upon a time in 1956, there were Republicans who supported unions and Social Security
NYT Series Illuminates — And Confuses — The State of the Subsidy Wars
Origin and Early History of Platinum Coin Seigniorage In the Blogosphere

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Florida Asks FDA Approval to Eliminate Dengue Fever With Genetically Modified Mosquitoes ***

    Recalling the screwworm eradication program of years past, my first thought was “Go For It!”.

    But on account of my increasingly suspicious nature, I looked for specifics. Had the procedure wiped out the target mosquitoes anywhere? Seems Oxitec made a trial release on Grand Cayman island in 2010 and claimed an 80% reduction in the targeted population. Why didn’t they continue the trial? Demonstrate once and for all they could wipe out the little suckers? Could it be they couldn’t?

    On to a google search for objections.

    # Who will regulate their release and who will be legally and financially liable if something goes wrong? # Seems like a fair question.

    # What happens when Oxitec’s mosquitoes survive into adulthood (since 3–4 percent have been found to do just that despite the flaw engineered into their genome)? # ditto.

    Add to those a small percentage of GMO females getting loose along with the lack of demonstrated extinction, and it looks to me like somebody ought to go back to the drawing board.

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