Links 11/26/12

Links for you. Science:

The Domestic Turkey and the First Thanksgiving
What is a species, anyway?
Meet Representative Thomas Massie: A Constitutional Conservative With an MIT Pedigree (climate denialist with MIT pedigree: MIT grads, you’ve been ‘Jindaled’!)
Small, medium or large
Kill the “scientist as monk” meme (must-read)
How Do Porcupines Mate? Very Carefully.


Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mitt (excellent)
When ‘Grading’ Is Degrading
Poor management, not union intransigence, killed Hostess (must-read)
Economists as dentists
City Lights store to go dark, but Steampunk sideline rolls on
A Year in Jail for Not Believing in God? How Kentucky is Persecuting Atheists
Brown Friday: Why do people poop in retail stores?
Are Porn Stars Happier?
Stop Using “Obama for America” Against the People!
Elections have consequences, redux
Adam Smith on Government Intervention When Promoted by a “Public-Spirited Patriot”
As Usual, Third Way Is The Wrong Way
Your daily stupid

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  1. JohnV says:

    That scientist as monk post starts out with the generic defending of the indefensible by a PI who needs to keep milking student and post-doc research to maintain grant funding 😛

  2. Zachary Smith says:

    I’m going to get on my soapbox and rant a bit, for two of today’s links really struck a nerve. First off some quotes:

    “Thomas Massie Is A Coward
    To be honest, if I were the repug nominee in deep-red Nobama Northern Kentucky with the backing of a teenaged Texan billionaire, I wouldn’t risk my likely landslide in a debate, either.

    That doesn’t mean Thomas Massie isn’t a sniveling, weak-ass, limp-dicked coward.”

    That person was aggravated Mr. Massie was avoiding an awful lot of debates.


    “Adkins said that Massie has argued that “government shouldn’t be involved in promoting business” yet he said that he “got $170,000 in government grants” from the U.S. Department of Education.

    Massie shot back that Adkins “got his facts all wrong” and that the assertion was “completely ludicrous. We didn’t take money from the Department of Education.”

    But upon further questioning from Bill Goodman, the host of the debate, Massie acknowledged receiving federal government funds “to the extent that any company that does business with the federal government is a recipient of federal funds.”

    The company came out of his work at MIT, where he earned engineering degrees, and involved a touch-based computer interface. He has since sold the company.

    He likened it to a transaction with the government. When asked afterward what services or product he provided to the government for the $167,402 he recieved from the Small Business Innovation Research Grant program, Massie refused to answer and rushed out of the KET studio lobby.”

    And this sure looks like another instance of Tea Bagger Hypocrisy – do what I say and not what I did. And of more cowardice.

    Now on to a video link:

    The interviewer asked if he was a member of the Top 1%. Massie denied this honor, and by doing so almost certainly lied. It seems that 9 million dollars in net worth is all it takes to be part of that elite group, and I’m pretty darned sure Massie has at least that much. That 1,200 acre hobby farm of his didn’t come cheap, nor did the humongous McMansion.

    “But not just an ordinary house. It stands 46 feet tall, is made of timber from the trees on his property and stones from his creek, and is reinforced with steel “so termites can’t get to it,” he says. The Massies draw water from their own well. The house generates all its own electricity from an array of solar panels. “It’s designed for two generations of neglect. Our house will withstand that,” Massie says.”

    From this site’s link:

    “T.M.: Let me say first that I don’t like pollution. The libertarian in me says that it’s a violation of property and privacy rights. My neighbor can’t dump trash on my property because it degrades my property. So I don’t think people have a right to pollute other people’s property.

    I have solar panels on my roof, and I’m talking to you on a phone that has been charged with solar panels. … I ”

    The gentleman is certainly economical with the truth. Because he’s an extremely wealthy Doomsday Prepper he installed an oversized solar array. But suddenly it’s because of his being an open-minded and ecology-loving geek who is entitled to have undefined doubts about climate change.

    And notice that part about how he considers pollution to be “a violation of property and privacy rights”. But the guy has no problem at all in polluting the Earth’s atmosphere with CO2 – using the entire planet as a dumping ground – a process which is already beginning an enormous ‘degrading’ of life on Earth.

    Me? I think this boy is a one-trick-pony. He and his wife had one bit of luck or insight which made him his fortune, and that’s ALL he’s done in both Engineering and Science. Until he sees the chance to force his MIT-Educated Tea Bagger notions on everybody else, he hunkered down in the backwoods preparing for Armageddon.

    Be sure to have looked at my first video link. Mr. Massie said “We need means testing for Social Security and Medicare”. That’s Rich Folk talk for sucking more money out of the middle class. Until you’ve spent the last dime of your modest savings, No Social Security or Medicare For You! Notice his support for the “Fair” or “Flat” tax. Regressive taxes – especially on the poor.

    That love of regressive taxes for the undeserving poor is also found on his election web site:

    “I will support legislation to achieve a simpler, flatter, fairer tax code that is helpful, not harmful, to domestic job creation and economic recovery.”

    ““I just want to make a clarification on some statements I’ve heard tonight. I heard that the Constitution was the best document in history. I disagree, it’s the second best document in history. The best document in history is the Bible.”

    Yeah, he’s a Good Christian too. His district is in Northern Kentucky where the Creation Museum is located, and I’ll betcha he’s been there with his kids. Showed them the nice stuff like the dinosaur wearing a saddle. It would surprise the hell out of me if this wasn’t the case.

    “I firmly believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

    I believe that life begins at conception. I will vote against government funding of abortion services and will vote to defund Planned Parenthood.

    I am hopeful that scientific discoveries and engineering advancements like ultrasound will continue to improve public understanding about the existence of life before birth. As public perception and morality shifts it will be easier to pass laws that will guarantee the rights of the unborn. I support a Constitutional Amendment banning abortion and until that can be achieved, I support overturning Roe v. Wade thereby allowing individual states to decide abortion issues. Furthermore I believe no public money should ever be spent on abortion procedures, abortion pills, or embryonic stem cell research.”

    All that from his web site. Yes, let the pregnant sluts die.

    Carlo Cipolla once wrote a wonderful essay about THE BASIC LAWS OF HUMAN STUPIDITY.

    He divided humanity into four basic types – the Helpless, the Intelligent, the Stupid, and the Bandits. IMO Mr. Massie has a small bit of Intelligence, for after all he did have that one insight. But given his track record, I’m going to say there are some pretty substantial portions of Stupid + Bandit in his basic makeup as well. How else can you explain his describing the freaking Rand Paul as an inspiration?

    I do recall that at the start of this rant I said there were two links which really ticked me off.

    “A Year in Jail for Not Believing in God? How Kentucky is Persecuting Atheists”

    It’s true. My lookup of the thing found lots of Tea Baggers saying it isn’t because no penalty is specified in the parts they helpfully link to prove their point.

    Willfully ignorant can look a whole lot like stupid. That’s your generic Tea Bagger for you though.

    Look at the fine print at the bottom of the document which was mandated by the KY law.

    “The safety and security of the Commonwealth cannot be achieved apart from reliance
    upon Almighty God as set forth in the public speeches and proclamations of American
    Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln’s historic March, 30, 1863, Proclamation urging
    Americans to pray and fast during one of the most dangerous hours in American history, ”

    It’s a not-too-fine State of affairs they have on the south side of the Ohio River.

  3. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    “Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mitt (excellent)”
    Yes, it was good, but it’s too bad he can’t spell knuckle properly.

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