Links 11/23/12

Links for you. Science:

How Drug Company Money is Undermining Science (must-read)
The Alien Invasion is Complete, Resistance is Futile: European Starlings
A Remarkable Convergence of Species: The Deadliest Sea Snake
The “success” of NCCAM grants on homeopathy
Riding the epidemic curve to glory, WGS edition


Gaza (this)
Kevin’s Handy Tax Table for Innumerate Rich People (every time a rate increase in the top rate is proposed, rich people demonstrate just how stupid many of them are)
Is Our Retro Obsession Ruining Everything? (excellent)
War on Nate Silver: Final After-Action Report: The Flag of Reality Flies Uncontested Over Silvergrad Weblogging
Let’s have a little chat about inflation…
12 Ways to Stop the Next Sandy
Hostess Workers are Winning…
Of Parents, Puppies and Robots
Why Is Obama’s Bargaining Position so Weak Right Now?
Turkeys didn’t always come wrapped in plastic
There Is No Side Worth Taking In Gaza
Blue States are from Scandinavia, Red States are from Guatemala

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  1. Zachary Smith says:


    IMO this piece was well-answered by Chis Floyd.

    “There Is No Side Worth Taking In Gaza”

    David Adkins is the reason I went cold-turkey with the Hullabaloo site. Charles Pierce is an author I can no longer tolerate, even when he’s not being an Obama toady.

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