Links 11/22/12

Gut Yontif! Links for you. Science:

“New” species gather dust on museum shelves for 21 years before being described
Attack of the Mutant Pupfish
Bees sleeping… (and dreaming?)
How do genomics companies make money?
NIH Director Calls Off NIDA-NIAAA Merger


Harvard, economists, and inequality
Are Teacher Sick Days ‘Overused’?
Wall Street Finds a ‘Third Way’ to Plunder Our Wealth
Father Douthat Explains It All
In Wyoming, Conservatives Feeling Left Behind
Andrew Cuomo, fake Democrat
When You Hear Claims That Policies Are Working, Read The Fine Print
Arendt on Fascism in Israel
Petraeus scandal puts four-star general lifestyle under scrutiny
Identity Politics and Economic Reality
The Land That Time and Money Forgot
No word yet on whether or not they were told to build a stage
Wrong side of the fence
Boston’s West End: Moving Forward/Looking Back (looks interesting, but I don’t know if it’s basically the same exhibit found at the West End Museum)
They’ve Been Their Own Worst Enemy
Left warns Dems not to cave on fiscal cliff

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