Links 11/19/12

Links for you. Science:

How do we decide whether crowd-sourced projects are worth funding?
Miseq 2×250 – Does Length Really Matter?
Improving Public Access to Research Results
The Pseudoscience of Chronic Lyme
This is not an ant
A small raiding party (as usualy, Alex Wild’s pictures kick ass)


America’s Mid-20th-Century Infrastructure (must-read; and why were ‘progressives’ talking about how hard it would be to find ways to spend money in 2009?)
In Leaked Docs, Honeywell Says Obama Ties Are Key to Anti-Union Strategy (have I ever mentioned something about Rockefeller Republicanism?)
Crazy Uncle Liberty’s Imaginary Moocher Friend (excellent)
The New Flyover Country (hint: it contains a lot of black and brown people)
Papa John’s Obamacare Price Hike Cheered By Ian’s Pizza In Wisconsin
Kids hate-tweet Obama, echoing what they hear at home
Today’s tuition discussion
Thanks to Team Rape, Most Americans Consider Themselves Pro-Choice Again (when abstraction collides with reality, it gets ugly)
Millionaires to Washington: More Taxes, Please!
Israel’s Shortsighted Assassination
A Phony Hero for a Phony War
Census Report: Ten Million in Poverty because of Medical Costs
On managerialist ideology

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    “A Phony Hero for a Phony War”

    Wonderful piece. I spent an extra bit of time googling the author before beginning to read this one – if I’d read it first I’d have found he referenced his grandfather Lucian K. Truscott Jr. in the text. But it wasn’t wasted time, for I found the grandson author has some seriously large nads – as a mere Lieutenant he threatened a freaking General with court-martial for attempting “one of the Army’s most heinous crimes, punishable by 30 years on prison”.

    Grandpa Truscott is my favorite WW2 general. Bill Mauldin said “He could have eaten a ham like Patton for breakfast any morning”, and I certainly agree!

    The piece about Petraeus is spot-on. I’ve had that guy pegged as phony for several years, and when Obama retained him and another *** named Stanley McChrystal, I knew the Nobel laureate was going to be a disappointment. Little did I know at the time that was a hopelessly optimistic assessment.


    “This is not an ant”

    Once again, “Wonderful” is just about right for this one.


    “Israel’s Shortsighted Assassination”

    As a general rule the best way to get anything useful out of a NYT article about Israel is to take everything written therein and flip it 180 degrees. As an example, the title of the piece ought to read “Israel’s Longsighted Assassination”. Igniting brushfires and wars, pouring fuel on the flames, and fanning those flames is a feature, not a bug, of Israeli “diplomacy”. Stealing Palestinian Land and Water while treating those same Palestinians like total pieces of filth is what they do over there. Covering Holy Israel’s heiny is an absolute imperative, and the NYT does it quite well..

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