Links 11/18/12

Links for you. Science:

Scientists Hope Obama Continues Support for Basic Research
Statistics win in US election (the interesting point is about state-state correlation)
Why Are Physics Classes Full of Old Stuff?
Belly Button Biodiversity 2.0
Fiscal Cliff Threatens Research Funding, Education Grants, Leaving College Presidents Worried


It’s Not the Deficit, Stupid! (good points that will be completely ignored during the next year)
The Real Romney: Another secret recording shows what Romney really thinks about minorities, birth control, and public assistance. (yes, Romney was lying)
How Google Is Helping the Gas Lobby Support Fracking (Google is being evil)
The US Senate wonders about tax policy for the American Dream: why are schools failing to promote social mobility?
Does Sugar Kill? How the Sugar Industry Hid the Toxic Truth
When Right-Wing Christians Stopped Thinking of Women as People: You’d be surprised at Christian denominations’ positions on abortion in the 1970s. (not all of the denominations mentioned are rightwing, but the general point is correct: evangelicals, in the 1970s, did not believe that ensoulment occurred at fertilization)
Employment – Not Deficit Reduction – Should Be the First Priority for Federal Government
Beekeeping Donkey is a Honey Farmer’s Best Friend
Alan Greenspan’s Comments About The Fiscal Cliff Are Horribly Misleading And Making The Crisis Worse
Federal Workers At Fiscal Cliff Tell Congress ‘Enough Is Enough’
Death By Twinkie: What the Hostess Liquidation Says About Labor and the Economy
The Most Dangerous Choice for SEC Chairman
The Sucking Sound of (At Least Some) Skilled Workers Leaving the US
Toward a softer, more discreet Objectivist racism
Is it game over for Grover Norquist?

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