Links 11/7/12

So what’s the over-under on how long it takes Sheldon Adelson to bump off Karl Rove after Rove pissed away all of his money? While you ponder this, here are some links for you. Science:

Unlikely Model in H.I.V. Efforts: Sex Film Industry (interesting because condoms, within the industry, aren’t really involved–though privately they use them)
The second-ever live photographs of “Disco Ants”: Discothyrea mixta & Discothyrea sp.
Cockatoo shows tool-making skills
Owl checking out the T
Prop 37 Loses, Scientists Cheer


Why There Are Long Lines In Miami: City Financed Lavish Baseball Stadium Instead Of Voting Equipment
First, Fire the Pundits
Harassers of Women in Cairo Now Face Wrath of Vigilantes
Have You No Sense Of Decency, Sir?
To the patients who resent greedy doctors
Is Ohio a ‘Toss-Up’? (good point about math illiteracy)
Meet The Nation’s Five Worst Election Officials
The Time Karl Rove Took on the Fox News Decision Desk
An Army of Rape Philosophers
Ours Is A Liberal Nation
Three Election Thoughts: The Failed All-In Repeal Strategy, Warren, and Three-Strikes
In Defense of Nate Silver, Election Pollsters, and Statistical Predictions

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    “To the patients who resent greedy doctors”

    This article seemed and still seems mighty fishy to me. Comparing the purchase of hyper-expensive tennis shoes and optional plastic surgery to emergency room treatment didn’t seem quite kosher. So I made a search to see what others thought of the piece. Some of them didn’t care much for it either.

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