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Quick Action Scale

The Lion Quick Action Scale, that is: Observed on River St., Beacon Hill, Boston

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So Remind Me Again Why We Spend All That Money on ‘Homeland’ Security

Oh yeah, getting rid of civil liberties too. After eleven years, you would think the Orwellian-named Department of Homeland Security would be able to keep people banned from entering the country from entering the country. You would be wrong (boldface … Continue reading

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Links 10/27/12

Links for you. Science: Q: Why don’t apes have bigger brains? A: They can’t eat enough to afford them On Who I Am and What I Am – A Post Full of Epic Naval Gazing Lawsuit filed against The National … Continue reading

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Backlit in Back Bay

Observed on Marlborough Street:

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Is Our National Biodefense Really This Ignorant of Microbiology?

Or is it just ass-covering? Because this is a terrifying level of ignorance (boldface mine): In more than 30 cities, BioWatch samplers located atop buildings, in train stations and in other public places suck air through dry filters around the … Continue reading

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Links 10/26/12

Links for you. Science: An Open Letter: Four steps to bring NSF into the information age Is it meaningful to talk about a probability of “65.7%” that Obama will win the election? Nanopores: Fission or Fusion? An Abundance of Caution… … Continue reading

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It’s a Grand Old Flag?

Doesn’t look so grand at all. Or high-flying either: Observed at the corner of Clarendon and Marlborough, Back Bay, Boston

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When It Comes to the Cost of Public Universities, We Can Bring Back the Old Days

At least in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (God save it!) anyway. Given the one trillion dollars of student debt in the U.S., we often read that universities will need to reinvent themselves so as to remain financially sustainable (here’s one … Continue reading

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Winning the Public’s ‘Hearts and Minds’ But Losing the Progressive Pundits’: The ARRA Edition

In response to the claim by Ryan Cooper, a Washington Monthly writer, that people don’t like the stimulus and don’t want to hear about the ARRA (‘stimulus package’). According to Cooper, one progressive colleague said: “People don’t want to hear … Continue reading

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Links 10/25/12

Links for you. Science: OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer (this is really cool; I did not know there is a hairy screaming armadillo) The mysterious origins of the “8 glasses of water a day” rule Scholarly Publishing’s Gender Gap: Women … Continue reading

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